On a beautiful afternoon you are strolling across a square. You didn’t have to work today. You bought this nice grey sweater and are going for a beer. Suddenly you hear a ringing noise. It is really present and takes the attention of all the people in the public space. Everyone starts looking around. Who is not answering his phone for so long, you wonder, getting a bit annoyed. The ringing gets louder as you approach a setting that looks like it landed there randomly. A comfortable chair is standing on a carpet, waiting for someone to nestle oneself between its soft cushions. Next to it the cause of the public commotion. A yellow phone with a clear sign: Call for Connection. Your curiosity takes over, you pick up the phone.


Recordings will be used as a part of the final exhibition “Hier sein”, which is a project organised by students of the faculty of architecture (TUM) associated with the urbanism chair of Prof. Sofie Wolfrum. People will be able to use the phones and listen to the selected conversations through the horn.


Laura Haller | Tomas Klapka | Lisi Chiodino | Marrije Vanden Eynde

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